Vacations and Guests of Region 12 - New England
If you have pictures of trips you have been on or of guests you have met up with please feel free to send them to us to add to the site. (GUESTS will have red headings and TRIPS will have white headings)
Guests from Holland 1990's
Guests from what was Hong Kong 1990's
The Cleary's from County Cork Ireland who have returned many times since.
Bill Spence of the British Transport Police back in the 90's, good Old Bill has passed since. I like to think Bill is waiting for me in heaven with a TABLE full of Guinness.
Ron Stevens and friends from Nottingham England - 1994
Graham Hempstead of the British Transport Police at Gillette Stadium Foxboro,1990's. Graham was my best man in 2010 and comes over at least twice a year to visit. I consider him to be a brother...
Noel & Gill Haines in 1991 from England. Noel is a retired Sgt. from the Leicestershire constabulary
Guests visiting from Russia with some Americans 1990's
The Readyhoof Brothers from England. Neil on the left is with the Metropolitan Police in london.
A bunch of the Irish crew came over in 1993, what a time that was...
A couple of French Officers in the old Combat Zane - 90's
International Police Association - Region 12
International Police Association - Region 12
The 90's
The 90's
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An I.P.A. Region 12 set up on a table at a recent Police Memorabilia Trade Show
September 2012
Blacksheep Productions 2009
Jason Kisielis from Australia visited Region 12 in August of 2012. Members Chuck Gallagher and  George Demaris took Jason to the range to unload many rounds. George is a firearms instructor and Chuck went along for the ride. Jason was able to shoot a couple of rifles and several hand guns.
April 2013
Our IPA Brother Leonidas (and his brother Dinos)  from Cyprus Greece visited Boston to run the Boston Marathon. He finished in 2 1/2 hours and was not injured in the bombing. Here he is shown in Foxborough with members of Region 12. 
May 2013
May 1st, 2013:
Region 12 IPA members John Blake and Joe Teta are flanking  IPA member Vladimir Macek of the Prague Branch in the Czech Republic.  Vladimir is traveling with a hockey team and stopped in Mass for a couple days. although he is with another group he made time to meet IPA members from the Region 12 section.
May 2nd, 2013:
The following night Joe and his better half want to watch Vladimirs team play. turned out Joes cousin was the coach of the opposing team - Small world...
Mario Zimmerman along side Jan Taylor
MAINE'S Region 12 member Jan Taylors Bed & Bath 
German guests brought to Newport R.I. by Region 12 member Joe Teta. here They are at The Breakers..
July 2013
August 2012
September 2013
German I.P.A. guests flanked by R12 members Chuck Gallagher and Joe Teta in Foxboro enjoying a few brews..
German I.P.A. member Mario Zimmerman along side R12's Chuck Gallagher and Joe Teta exchanging gifts..
Joe Teta of Region 12 stands along side IPA member from Spain who recently visited Boston. Joe has been a great help to our Boston area. Him and John Blake are currently our two lone members in Boston.