Accommodations in New England  - Planes, Trains and Automobiles - (and lodging)
In America we are obsessed with, "Having our Space" therefor outside the city almost everything is spread out. Unlike most of Europe you can't get  around as easily. Every American household had usually got at least two vehicles. We could have 10 people in the same neighborhood going to the same place at the same time, and we will take 10 vehicles. We wish we had the connections and or ability to have our own I.P.A. houses but where just not able to , at least not yet. Some members are able to open up their homes to guests but most can not. We will however try to get you fair rates at a hotel near where your staying if we can and help out in anyway that we can. Below is some information you might find helpful.

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Logan International Airport is located on the east side of Boston. There is short term parking available for pick ups and drop offs. Parking everyplace in Boston is very expensive. There is a toll to get out of Logan. A half an hour at Logan isn't to bad though. 
You can get to and from Logan by train or bus and then a shuttle to the terminal. Avoid taxi's if you can, they are very expensive. 
T.F. Green Airport in Rhode Island is much easier to get into and out of. However it is about 60 miles from Boston so depending on where you will be staying and IF you have a change over, you may not be able to use T.F. Green. I Prefer to use it when ever I can. They are also more police friendly then Logan.
The Commuter Rail is a very good way to get around. You can get from Boston to Providence with little effort. The cost isn't to bad and you travel far locally with the commuter rail. If you check out their schedules you will see it goes to some interesting areas. However you will most likely need a taxi once you get to the station depending on where you are going to.
Amtrak is a very good way to get from state to state. From Boston or Providence  you can get to New York or Washington D.C. with little effort and in a much better time period. Traffic in American cities can be very frustrating, unless your traveling outside the major cities we suggest trains or planes.
Over all Bostons subway system isn't to bad. But remember, it's the inner city. Talk to a Region 12 member who can tell you where it's safe to go and where it's not safe to go. In Boston like all city's 90% of the folks on the system are hard working people going to and from work. But there are areas you want to be careful on, so talk to us...
When you check in ask the desk if they except foreign governments for a discount. In America a lot of Hotels will give Police and Military discounts if they show an Identification card. Usually if we book your room for you we can at least get that for you. Go with your gut feelings, if you walk into a hotel and something seems wrong  then find another. If you stick with a chain that has a good reputation like the Courtyard Marriot or Holiday Inn Express then you should be fine. were all cops, we know if the sign says weekly rates - RUN !
Bed & Bath - MAINE
Most B & B's are good, they survive by their reputation. Just do your research and look for reviews on them or ask locals which one they would stay and and you should be ok.  You can also go on line and check to see if there have been complains with the better business bureau.

We have a member who lives in MAINE and runs her own B & B. Her name is Jeanette Taylor and has her B&B at the link below and see if she has what your looking for:

h                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Two Lions B & B, 731 North Deer Isle Rd, Deer Isle, ME, 04627. phone is: 207-348-6976 and email:                  
ow. Give her a call / e-mail and see if she has what your looking for ?

. Give her a yell and see if she has what your looking for in Maine//

Driving in America
Driving in America can be confusing because each state has their own set of regulations. What Massachusetts might enforce a lot, New York may not. One thing is important, ALWAYS have your license with you. your passport wouldn't hurt either. This way the officer is more likely to believe your information on your license when there is a passport to confirm it. In Massachusetts if you are not a citizen of Massachusetts and you do not have your license with you in your possession you can be arrested. Although there may be a market for an "International License" we in America do not except them - period. 

BUDGET & ENTERPRISE are the two most common and reputable vehicle rental agencies. If you have any questions you can check with your airlines they can often help. However always compare rates and ask if they are having any specials..
If you have had experiences that you think will help others please drop us a line and let us know. We will add it to the site..
International Police Association - Region 12
Alcohol in America
The drinking in America is 21 years of age. Most establishments have a policy where if you look under 35 they have to confirm your age. Some mandate that EVERYONE have an I.D. and if you don't have one you are refused entry. I have seen people with white hair in their 60's refused service because they had no I.D.  It would be suggested you use your passport as identification since most places will not except your countries license or police I.D. as identification. This is not intended as an insult to you but because there are so many false I.D. cards they don't know any better., if you see a Police Officer you may want to ask him/her for assistance. America is sue happy and these folks are just concerned about being sued.

Drinking and Driving is a very serious offense in America. The blood alcohol level standards are low and there is little or no room for any assistance if you are stopped. Designate a sober driver, buzzed drivers kill to.

International Police Association - Region 12

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Several visitors to Boston have stayed at the Holiday Inn in downtown Boston located on  280 Friend Street Boston, MA , United States , below is the link to Holiday Inn's in the Boston area.

There are a couple of hotels in Boston or close to that IPA members have stayed at, thus we recommended them. We do not get discounts but ask at the desk when checking in if they provide government discounts. Your Police I.D. may be required.

The Perfect Location to Explore Boston

Free wireless internet and cable TV, kitchenettes, pool and fitness center—all steps from Boston’s popular attractions!

The beautiful and affordable Constitution Inn Hotel is located at the head of The Freedom Trail in the historic Charlestown Navy Yard. Just a short walk to the USS Constitution, TD Garden, Bunker Hill Monument, famous Faneuil Hall and North End, The Constitution Inn is the perfect base from which to enjoy Boston’s rich history, culture, museums and nightlife.

Click below to go to The Inn's Site
Click below to go to the Inn's Site
ALSO      IN      MAINE
I. P. A. Member David Bowen has provided us with this brochure from his place up in Maine.  Dave has offered a special rate for IPA members. His brochure is simple and to the point. Give him a call if interested