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The International Police Association - Region 12
The members of Region 12 are widely spread out across the New England area.  Some are several hours away from other members which proves to be challenging when it comes to gatherings. We are also mostly hard working cops working 50-60 hours a week like everyone else. Most of our overtime is on weekends when the public is more active. Visitors should try to understand that in America , at least in New England, life is at a very fast pace, the economy is tough and there isn't enough time in the days to do what we want to do. Also 9-11 has restricted much of the easy access we once had to a lot of places. We know this is true in many other places around the world today as well, sad but true.
Given all of that, we will try to help out any guests that visit our area as best we can. If we didn't want to do this we wouldn't exist, we just ask for patience. We also have to have advanced  knowledge of a guest visiting so we can coordinate our schedules.
Below are some places of interest by state in Region 12
SECRETARY:  Jill Wragg                   
Contact E-mail: J.TETA@COMCAST.NET

TREASURER: Bruce O’Connell
213 Haffards Street
Fall River, MA
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For such a small state Massachusetts has a lot to offer. The history is like no other and the food is to die for, and were not talking about McDonald's either. ALL of New England will offer good sea food so Massachusetts can't claim to be the best, but it's close:)... If you visit Massachusetts one thing you should try is the Boston Baked beans... If your interested there are still some great Irish Pubs in Southie or Italian restaurants in the old North End
BOSTON: Well where do you begin with a city like Boston ? There are three good way to see Boston. You could take a Trolly Tour where you can get on and off your trolly as you please. The Duck Tours are always interesting as well. You could also walk the Freedom trail which is basically a red line all around Boston that you follow from location to location. If your not in a rush I recommend this one as you will see Boston in a more personal way. The subway system is fairly simple, especially in comparison to London or New York. However as in any city in the world always use caution when traveling, there are bad people everyplace. Boston does have a Transit Police so it is basically knowing areas you should avoid. That is part of why the IPA is here, so just ask..
And much more...
Rhode Island *
Rhode Island is the smallest state in America, also one of the most beautiful ones. Block Island or Newport are a wonderful place to go for an afternoon of evening meal. You can take in some shopping or sit by the dock and enjoy great seafood, drinks, and smell the fresh ocean. If you choose you can visit the Mansions of Newport, the location of several movies or you could always relax with a walk along the Newport Cliffs. There is always fine dining in the Federal hill area of Providence which is also known to have been a hang around area for the old mobsters of yesteryear... Providence also has several well known colleges
FAMOUS MOVIES FILMED IN BOSTON: The Town - The Boondock Saints - The Departed - The Thomas Crown Affair - The Fighter - Monument Ave-  Gone Baby Gone -  The Friends of Eddie Coyle -  Mystic River - The Verdict - Good Will Hunting - Blown Away.
MOVIES FILMED IN RHODE ISLAND:  -  Little Children - Reversal of Fortune - There's Something About Mary - Age of Innocence - Mystic Pizza - Amistad - Me Myself and Irene - Thirteen Days - They Were Expendable.
New Hampshire *
New Hampshire is a very beautiful state. When someone from Massachusetts or Rhode island wants to get away we often head up North. It is heavenly in the Fall and energetic in the Winter. You can water ski in the summer and snow ski in the Winter. Then in the Spring and Fall you can hike, camp out or take your motorcycle for a 3 day ride and never look back. There are tons of summer rentals along the water and it's a great place for the kids to direct their energy someplace other then a computer.
MOVIES FILMED IN NEW HAMPSHIRE : The Skulls - The Shining -  Heist - Beyond The Mat - The Cider House Rules - Little Women - Everest -     - Jumanji - On Golden Pond - Our Town - The Good Son - The Last Detail - Where The River Flows North - Thinner - The Europeans
Maine *
Maine has become one of the busiest states in the upper north east to grow in tourism. Aside from the God given beauty of the state it is also the summer home state for the Bush (Presidents)Family. It is the foundation for L.L. Bean, a company providing clothing for the winter outdoors  for decades. Maine is well known for its rough Winters and their beautiful Summers. Route ONE is a busy area as there are hundreds of antique stores along the long historic highway, which was one the highway of the future. Route 1 in Maine is always a nice ride for the day. It's fun to stop at the stores on the right side on your way up, and then the stores on your right on the way back.  It is a must to stop in and have come fresh Clam Chowder or Lobster that was pulled from the ocean that morning... Don't forget about the city of Portland, a people friendly city with lots of shops, pubs, and have we mentioned sea food ? Additional points of interest might be Bar Harbor - tourist season & cruise ships, Stonington - the largest catch of lobster in New England, Eastport - where the sun rises first and  Moosehead Lake - camping & hunting facilities.

MOVIES FILMED IN MAINE :  Little Children - Forest Gump - In The Bedroom - The Cider House Rules - Leave Her To Heaven - Creepshow 2 - Jumanji
Vermont *
Vermont is the sleeping giant of the great Northeast. If you want to get away and not be bothered or if you want to go unnoticed Vermont is the place for you. The lake Champlain area is a remarkable piece of landscape. You can visit farms, caves, country stores as well as eat a very healthy meal day in and out.
MOVIES FILMED IN VERMONT : Beetlejuice - Way Down East - The Trouble With Harry - The Cider House Rules - What Lies Beneath - Wolf -  Baby Boom - The Spitfire grill -  Me Myself and Irene - Ethan Frome.
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The International Police Association - Region 12

IPA Region 12 member Jan Taylor owns a Bed & Bath at Deer Isle Maine. For more information from Jan about staying at her B & B contact her at the information below and make sure you let her know you are an IPA member
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On occasion some of our guests may visit the historic Massachusetts State House. Several politicians will often welcome members in and show them our system of government along with the rich history. From the parades during the Civil War ,up to and past the Kennedy's occupation of the State House...