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One of the many advantages of the IPA is the availability of expert assistance in foreign countries, often at a greatly reduced cost or sometimes, at no cost at all. Along with the foreign travel comes the opportunity to meet police officers in other countries, through which we can attain ideas which may enhance our own capabilities as law enforcement officers at home. We must all try to widen our horizons. Likewise, officers from foreign countries are enthusiastic in learning how we do things. 
Many of us in the IPA have attained lifelong friendships with IPA people abroad. It's well worth a little effort. In order to attain this and stick to the IPA credo of Servo per Amikeco or Service Through Friendship, it's important to take the proper steps when you plan on traveling to foreign countries and wish the assistance from those IPA Sections 

When you travel abroad and enlist the services of the IPA in the host nation, you'll need to keep in mind that, in essence, you are a goodwill ambassador representing not only the United States Section of the IPA, but also your home Region and American law enforcement as well as the USA. Take pride in your role as a member of law enforcement, whether active or retired. We ask that you also keep in mind that many of these IPA members are still working, often long hard work weeks. As you well know, most police officers do not have a Monday thru Friday job. Please consider this when they spend their hard earned money to come to our country.  Also remember if/when you visit another country, that they are doing the same for you... Wanting to do this for another Police Officer in another country is what makes us different. Remember, $25 get's you the world.....

World Wide Police Contacts 
 Every effort is made to put members who desire so in contact with members of the police profession in I.P.A. member countries which includes participating in an exchange vacation program, either individually or as a member of a party. In many cases the exchange may give you the opportunity to stay in the home of a police officer in the country selected, and during visits abroad, members will have the opportunity of studying methods of policing in other countries, which members are able to engage in professional police relations throughout the world.

Members are able to contact other members with similar interest through the newsletters and a bureau designed for this purpose administered by a committee.

An International Children's Exchange Program may give your child or children the opportunity to spend some time in a foreign country in exchange for your hosting this child for and equal amount of time.
If you choose to you can enlighten your life and or your family’s life. I like to say there is more to life than your neighborhood. 

The IPA helps you broaden your ability to see the world as it really is. 
Drop a check for $25 in the mail and let your future change by learning about the best kept secret in Law Enforcement…

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If you have a favorite hobby, you could expand it to other parts of the world. It could be photography, bicycling, motor cross, police memorabilia collecting, the history of the Second World War and much much more. With the use of technology today you can communicate immediately with friends from around the world that you have so much in common with. One thing you will learn quickly, we not all that much different then our friends in other cultures...
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In Memory of Those IPA Members Whom We Have Lost - God Speed
The International Police Association - Region 12 

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The Chinese virus has had an effect on America as in other places in the world so please use social cautions. In addition a small but powerful element has found itself targeting innocent Police Officers across the country. Unfortunately this has had a drastic effect on how Region 12 is able to commit to asssiting fellow officers visiting. Please us this web site to gather knowledge on visiting New England.
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This web site is dedicated to the memory of Joe Teta, active member of Region #12.  Joe  always wanted to help out visitors, and represented our region with great pride. We will miss you Joe, you were a great member and a great friend. Rest easy our friend, your in Gods hands now..